4 assets for budget hotel near Delhi airport

Best and cheap luxury hotel Delhi

Whether its one night or one week stay in a budget hotel near Delhi Airport, best and luxury hotels which provide affordable room rent should have these things

  1. Swimming Pool

    – There are many a budget hotel near Delhi Airport due to which there is intense competition amongst them. Thus if a hotel which is near the airport and giving facilities such as swimming pool is also able to give rooms at decent rates such hotels will prevail. A swimming pool really marks a hotel in such a way that it puts one in the luxury category. For instance, even if a hotel is not a 5 star hotel but if it has a swimming pool, guests who use this facility will actually feel like they are staying in a 5 star hotel. And the best part is, guests do not have to pay as much tariff as they would normally pay in a 5 star hotel. Thus, a swimming pool really ads to the luxury factor for any budget hotel near Delhi airport.
  2. Indoor and Outdoor Bars

    – Many guests who often come to budget hotels find that there is no bar facility available in the hotel and thus in order to consume alcohol they have to bring alcohol from outside. Instead if a budget hotel near Delhi airport do happen to have a bar, then the guest would actually prefer to order alcoholic drinks from the hotel bar and pay higher premium on that instead of bringing his or her booze from outside since it is highly convenient to do so. Although there would be some customers who would not want to pay the premium and actually get alcohol from outside, but hotels can earn more revenue from those customers who are willing to pay the extra premium for added convenience. For this purpose, every budget hotel near Delhi airport should have both indoor and outdoor bars. Winter time is the time customers would like to have drink in an outside area maybe on a roof top due to cool weather which emphasizes the importance of having an outdoor bar. Minibars should also be installed in every room where drinks should be charged with premium since customer would prefer better availability of alcohol in room instead of having to order on phone or go outside for the same.
  3. Restaurants

    – Availability of restaurants or cafeterias is very important for a budget hotel near Delhi airport for a lot of reasons. If a budget hotel happens to offer complimentary breakfast in buffet format, then such restaurants can be very useful since all guests can come here and have their buffet. These restaurants can also boost revenue since customers can come here for other meals as well like lunch and dinner and would not mind paying extra since they are getting a premium dining experience at the hotel. Restaurants should ensure that there is quick service and food quality is very good so that customers keep coming back to dine as many a times as they can. Restaurants should have a delicious smelling aroma around the place and offer some light complimentary snacks in order to make the guests feel more welcome.
  4. Banquet Hall

    – Sometimes guests want to conduct various functions at the hotel such as engagement function, marriages, mahendi, haldi, birthday parties, get togethers etc. Hotel Shyama for instance provides banquet hall where small scale parties can be conducted. Thus every budget hotel near Delhi airport should have a banquet hall so that they can increase their revenue through bookings for various functions. Banquet halls should be well lit and have good air conditioners so that function attendees are comfortable. Along with this, good quality food should be served by the hotel at parties.

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