4 Signs of Best and Lowest price luxury hotel

Best and lowest luxury price hotel

Best and lowest price luxury hotel in New Delhi which are low priced and best reviewed giving luxury rooms at guaranteed cheap prices can be the best deals for us especially id they are located near IGI Airport and give all facilities and safety measures.

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However, good customer service even at low tariff hotels should also be a priority in order to successfully become the best and lowest price luxury hotel. In order to achieve such a position in such a competitive industry, we need to make sure these 6 practices are followed

  1. Fast Room Service – There are many examples of fast room service that best and lowest price luxury hotels can adhere to. However it is very important that along with fast service, the quality of what is being served should not be compromised as well what so ever. This applies very well in 2 departments of the hotel one being the room service in the Dining department and other being room service in the Housekeeping department. The room service in Dining department must make sure that whatever food order that has been given by the guest should be prepared in the appropriate amount of time. For example simple food items such as french fries can be prepared within 20 minutes and complex items such as chicken burger can take upto 35 to 40 minutes. Efforts should be made to minimize these time figures in order to achieve fast room service and at the same time no compromise in the quality of fries and burgers being served. Similarly any housekeeping items ordered should be delivered to the customer within 5 minutes since the staff only has to fetch the item and deliver it.
  2. Smooth Check in Check Out – A hotel can really communicate a good and efficient service through it’s rapid check in and check out process. If one goes to any best and lowest price luxury hotel, he/she can see that fast and smooth check in and check out process certainly takes place at such hotels giving customers least amount of formality related hassles. In order to make sure of this, hotels should have all the necessary documents at hand that they need customers to sign. Hotels can also install facial recognition software so that facial scans fetch hotels necessary details for fast check in process. For quick check-out process, hotels should have well functioning card machines so that card payments can be done within seconds. Same goes for the option if customer wants to pay through UPI. Checkout food and drink bills should be made in such a format that is easy for customers to understand.
  3. Valet Service – When anyone enters any of the best and lowest price luxury hotel in Delhi, he/she will be very glad to know that they do not have to find any car parking since the valet service at hotel will take care of it. The valet staff should be professionally dressed and should greet the guests properly. In this regard, proper training should be provided to the valet staff. The valet staff should also be knowledgeable to operate all kinds of cars since modern cars some with automatic transmission with different patterns of gear shifting. All these things should be of knowledge to the valet staff
  4. High Speed Wifi – No matter how good a hotel you provide, best and lowest price luxury hotels provide high speed wifi which is very important to guest these days especially to those who stay in the hotel for official work.

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